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A unique 3D NFT collection of 6,666 cyborgs, categorized by rarity level and generated with hundreds of elements.

Each cyborg gives you access to our P2E game, MetasphereDAO and Sandbox Metaverse.


At the beginning of our universe, there was only a 2D world, a flat world, inhabited by people who were called Flatters. This world has existed for thousands of years. Technologies had not left them behind. First, they learned how to make a fire and get food for themselves using a spear and a bow. Then they invented the wheel and the sail. And then one thing led to another. Technology rapidly increased in complexity and improved, and there was a plethora of things produced for every flatter. Over time, they faced a problem that forever changed their worldview and led to the Metasphere, a futuristic 3D universe inhabited by cyborgs.

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P2E Game
Use your cyborg to battle with other players in our play-to-earn game! The game will be released in Q2 2022.
Playable avatars in The Sandbox Universe
NFT holders will receive additional collection of NFTs used to access other metaverse chosen by the community. You can vote between the three greatest metaverses, Sandbox, Bloktopia or Decentraland.
Advanced Tokenomics
The MetaSphere token will be launched along with staking and farming opportunities. An entire ecosystem to give max benefit to our NFT holders.
Private community
Metasphere Club is a private community of NFT investors where crazy NFT alpha leaks, exciting community events, and MetasphereDAO are waiting for you! 10 ETH from primary sales + 50% of secondary sale royalties will kick start the treasury for DAO members.
Interactive Storyline
We want to change the way the NFTs are made and make it more vivid and exciting. For this purpose, we've decided to make an interactive storyline and give each of you a chance to choose how the story unravels.
Low minting commission
Forget high gas fees! Approximate gas price will be 40-60$.

Minting Pass

Our minting passes come with many advantages such as 1 free mint of 3D collection, additional airdrops, Blind Boxes and early game access and lots of other surprises

The Roadmap

This roadmap outlines our goals and vision. We will populate it with details throughout our development, so stay tuned. More details in our Discord
The journey that you will remember for the rest of your life begins here. At this stage we will go all out to create incredible art and acquaint you with our universe. The other important milestone is to kickstart a cool and engaged community that supports and understands our goals. Community is the core element of it all and we are committed to make the experience worth your while to stay and grow with us for a long time.
After a successful sale, we will prove that MetaSphere is the real blue chip NFT collection. We are here to reach 2 ETH floor price. We plan to release a series of comics, launch Blind Boxes and DuneAnalytics, conduct a number of massive giveaways and make donation to GoodDollar Foundation.
We now have the community we could only dream of and a DAO will help us strengthen it further! Each participant will be involved in a decentralised community and will be able to decide how the community treasury will be allocated. 10 ETH from primary sales + 50% of secondary sale royalties will kick start the treasury for our exclusive members
Metaverse integration
At this stage we will complete the construction of our HQ in the metaverse of the community's choice. We will then use that space for exciting events and gatherings for the community. The VX collection used for accessing the Metaverse will be released and airdropped to our NFT holders.
Game Release
Pilot your cyborg and battle with other players in our play-to-earn game! Each NFT holder will get our tokens as well as access to staking, farming, a marketplace of game items, and many other things. The release is scheduled for spring. Tokenomics and litepaper will be released before the minting starts. The detailed game roadmap will be published in Q1 2022
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We believe our team of artists are awesome. Together with them and other artists In the NFT space whose work we like, we will create an additional 3D collection. It’s really important to us cause it will enrich the Metasphere universe and be the first big update to our game. We are excited to see what we can achieve together


Owning a Metasphere NFT grants you various perks and VIP membership benefits
  • You are directly assisting with worldwide inequality and unemployment by direct donations to the GoodDollar Foundation

  • You'll have access to our play to earn game

  • You'll have access to the private channels in Discord, as well as the right to vote in the DAO

  • You'll have access to Sandbox Metaverse

  • You’ll get airdrops of future collections

  • Special Access to Metasphere Metaverse Events

  • You’ll get Comics, Blind Boxes, physical prizes, merch, and other things


Our team consists of 15 people. Core team you can find below. Read detailed team member’s stories in Discord.
Basil Mountian
Founder, Marketing & Development
Founder, Blockchain development
Founder, Head of CM
Head of SMM


We will release 6666 3D NFTs with 1000+ whitelist spots and 3000 NFTs reserved for presale.
We're planning a drop for the first part of January.
NFT price will be 0.1 ETH approximately.
96% of NFTs are allocated for presale and public sale. 4% - for giveaways/contests and collaborations. No team NFTs.
Target ads (Instagram/Twitter), Email marketing, Collabs with Discord servers, Collabs with influencers (collabs with whale communities as well). We are working with a marketing agency to reach 30.000 members in January